Tuesday, 21 February 2012

creative writing

Once upon a time there were two aliens, one female and one male who came from planet Silon. They came to planet earth to start a new family because their own planet was becoming over populated and diseases were becoming a big risk for their survival. Their type of specie does not eat or drink, so instead they get their energy from the rays of the sun and along with that they get special powers.

They take off from planet Silon in their spaceship and land on planet earth at 11:55pm. After landing in the first garden and explored it for awhile they found nothing that interested them so they set off to go explore a new garden. After landing in a new garden they found a pool. They took so much interest in it as they had never seen water before, so the male alien decides to inspect the pool as he finds it very fascinating. However, as he leaned in too much he slipped and hit his head and fell in the pool unconscious. As the female alien dives in to save him, she finds out she can’t swim. Due to cold water she goes into shock and gets hyperthermia. After being in the cold pool for a couple of hours they die due to under cooling of their core temperature.

As the sun rises on a beautiful day at 5 am the sun beams shine through the clouds and trees. The rays of light then hit the pool that the aliens are in and by doing so re-generate their life support system and give them their special powers that the aliens use to fly out of the pool to return to their spaceship.

Once they discover that planet earth is unsafe for them to start a family on they set off in their spaceship to a new planet called Zerga which contains no water at all, unlike planet earth which contains about 65% of water. They then start a family like they have always wanted and live happily ever after without any danger of water what so ever.    


  1. Replies
    1. kind of short, green, have no mouth or nose etc

    2. Just wondering, now its kinda easier to picture your story

  2. Great attempt - a funny way of explaining the things you had from the dice.
    I think this story would have been more interesting to read if it was written like you were one of the aliens or you described things more - like using adjectives and similes. This would help your reader to picture it in their head like a movie.