Sunday, 12 February 2012

my holidays

These holidays for me were really fun. During Christmas was great, catching up with my family and spending time with them. I spent most of the holidays at my nana's and poppa's farm, went to the beach and went fishing a lot. I hung out with friends as well especially alexis and we frequented the malls, went to the movies to see  the journey 2 and siones 2. However most of the holidays were raining so i couldn't do very much. 

My family and I went camping for a few days but didn't stay long as the weather started to pack up. My twin sister and I often had competitions on who could start the best fire with only a few pieces of wood and  a lighter. We went out to find some pipi's and some shellfish.I practiced my art of the views on the new deck my step dad built. 

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  1. Thanks for getting your homework done, great to see you have worked out how to use blogger and have included links in your post.
    Watch your use of capitals - a few words are missing them.
    The rain during the holiday was awful - meant you couldn't do anything!