Tuesday, 13 March 2012

my book review

I chose to read a book called Darke Academy secret lives written by Gabriella Poole. I chose to read this book because my twin sister read it and loved it so she recommended that i read it too.

This book is about a school that moves to a new city every term. The students in it are beautiful, rich and sophisticated. Every year there is a scholarship girl and this year it is Cassie Bell. However as she learns more about the school history she comes to understand that knowing a little knowledge can be deadly, but knowing too much can be deadly. 

There is a special group called the chosen few which is a group of students who keep outsiders away and like to keep to them self's. Everyone is dying to join the chosen few but they don't know what the group is really about and what they have to go through to join it. All of the girls in the chosen few hate Cassie only because the most popular girl in it called Erika hates her because shes jealous that all the boys in the chosen few start to fancy Cassie, one boy in particular called Richard. 

She tries to find out the history about the Academy as the last scholarship girl died in mysterious circumstances. After awhile she comes to understand that there is a dark stranger prowling the corridors at night. When she starts to notice that some people are missing from classes that are room mates with people from the chosen few she starts investigating. But what she does find is nothing that she expected and she nearly ends up getting killed. 

Later when she finds who the nightly corridor prowler shes shocked to find that he is the brother of the scholarship girl who died and shes shocked even more to find he is in the chosen few. He explains why he roams the corridors at night, to find out what happened to his sister.

When she starts to date Richard things start to get serious between them to and he starts telling her things about the chosen few. She starts to want to join the chosen few only to find out more about them. When she is on a date with Richard he tricks here into becoming on of the chosen few. She wishes she never went with him because of what she has to go through. To be in the chosen few she has to get her soul drained out of her and replaced by the devils.

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  1. Great review, sounds like a really interesting book :)