Saturday, 10 November 2012

attitude presentation

On Friday the year 10’s were all brought to the school gym to hear a presentation by attitude which is a program that goes around from school to school about things that affect us all. The presentation was about technology. The presenter Jordan talked about things such as facebook, phones, bullying, sexting, our digital footprints etc. Everything affects people differently and people deal with it in different ways. Jordan used many examples such as the nek minute guy (also known as Levi  Hawken) or the starwars kid. He told us that the “starwars kid” had over 26 million views and because of it he got bullied at every school he changed to and eventually had to be home schooled because of how he was effected by it. The presentation has taught me to take more caution will what I am doing whether its online, towards people etc.

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