Tuesday, 14 August 2012

should synchronized swimming be in the olympics?

I think synchronized swimming shouldn’t be a part of the Olympics because all it is, is dancing under water and it’s not a very good spectator sport. All you see is heads and legs popping out of the water ,as you can’t see the full sport. It’s basically rhythmic gymnastics under the water which isn’t really necessary.

Synchronized swimming involves swimming, dance and gymnastics. To be able to do this sport you need to have water skills, amazing strength, good timing, endurance, flexibility and you must be able to hold your breath for awhile while you are under the water upside down. It is judged by how difficult the routine is, their timing and they get deduced if the routine is out of order. In the 20th century synchronized swimming use to be known as water ballet.

So, to conclude I think synchronized swimming should not be included in the Olympics as it hasn’t got much to do with sports, it’s more of a dance performance.

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  1. Good ideas.

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