Sunday, 3 June 2012

collaborative writing

-elderly man

As the sun’s rays peeped through the half drawn curtains the elderly man awoke with an energetic start. It was a glorious morning as he stumbled out of bed and made his way to the kitchen to prepare himself a cup of tea and a bowl of hearty porridge. As his porridge simmered on the stove he decided it would be a beautiful day to take a stroll through the nearby park. After consuming his breakfast and cup of tea he threw on his comfortable clothes and walking shoes, preparing himself for his busy morning. As he ambled down the street with the aid of his walking stick he was deep in thought about the upcoming weekend as his daughter and grandchildren were coming to stay. He had been very lonely living on his own since his beloved wife pasted away. It had been some time since he had last seen this family and he was very excited about their impending arrival.

Suddenly out of nowhere a large ferocious dog came flying at the elderly man, knocking him to the ground. Its razor sharp teeth piercing through his leg, ripping a large chunk of flesh, blood spurted out of the horrific gash as the elderly man screamed in agonizing pain. He could feel the dogs warm breath on his face as it attempted to clamp it fangs around his fragile neck. With his last ounce of energy he struck the dog as hard as he could with his trusty walking stick. The vicious dog released the elderly man and run of, as two nearby shopkeepers came to assist the victim after hearing the commotion outside.